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Wilkins.Mount for Hämmerli Model 208 and 215


Good News!: The new run of my mounts is in for black anodizing. Should be ready ship in about two weeks. Send me mail now to get on the list. Customes on the list will receive a discount!

I still have extra mounting plates for Noblex / Docter, Shield and Holosun C Footprints if you already have a mount from me and want to add a plate to use another sight. Mail me for more info.

I designed and manufacture the Wilkins.Mount optical sight mount for all Hämmerli 208 and 215 .22 cal. target pistols. Simply remove the factory rear sight assembly as you would for cleaning and replace it with my mount and and your Red Dot sight. It's that easy.
The Wilkins.Mount consists of two parts: The hollow, rectangular main body and an adapter plate which is attached to the main body with two screws and 3mm locator pins. Each adapter plate is for a specific sight footprint. This makes it easy to use multiple red dot sights by having one main body and several plates for different footprints.

Adapter plates are available for the following footprints:
● Noblex / Docter

Including the Sight III, II plus, C and NV G (including Vixen Sight made by Docter), Vortex Venom and the Burris Fastfire 2, 3 and 4. Other sights using this footprint should also work.
● Shield
Including all Shield Sights, I suggest the RMS2 but all should fit.
● Holosun C Series
I suggest the 507C but the 407C should also work. The Trijicn RMR fits this mount. Holosun K Series sights will NOT fit.

The Wilkins.Mount is CNC machined from 6085 aluminum with a black anodized finish and is 100% Made in Germany. It requires no modifications to your firearm and the factory open sight can be re-installed in seconds. You can use the same pistol for competitions requiring open and optical sights and swap them out right there at the range. The Wilkins.Mount may be removed and re-installed without loosing zero. Just like the factory open sight. I even include a custom made M3 Allen Screw to replace the factory slotted head screw.
The German BAFA Ministry for Export has ruled the Wilkins.Mount is an accessory and not a firearms part and as such there are no restrictions on export. The American ATF has also ruled this mount is an accessory and not subject to import restrictions for US customers. I can finally ship these mounts to customers in the USA and throughout the EU.

Price: NOT YET SET FOR NEW RUN but it looks like it will be €195 (for the complete mount with one adapter plate in the footprint of your choice, M3 screws, a custom made M3 Allen Screw to attach the entire assembly to your pistol and instructions)
Additional adapter plates are €50 each.

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Please Note: The Red Dot sight is NOT included! Photos where a sight is shown are for illustration purposes only.