Mini Carbon Snack Chopper

  • Mini Carbon Snack Chopper
  • Mini Carbon Snack Chopper
  • Mini Carbon Snack Chopper
  • Mini Carbon Snack Chopper
  • Mini Carbon Snack Chopper

Another hand ground design prototype, smaller then the previous ones, the Mini Carbon Snack Chopper is made from 2mm 1.284 O2 Carbon Tool Steel heat treated to HRC60-61. Rustic acid washed finish with belt finished Chisel Grind. This steel is NOT stainless and will rust if you don't watch out and will develop a patina with use. The Chopper features full tang construction with Grips of Bog Oak Wood secured with epoxy and Loveless style bolts.
The cutting edge is slightly curved and the construction using 2mm steel makes for a very light weight cutting tool.

Despite the name, this is a kitchen knife for cutting vegetables, fruits and meats. The Mini Carbon Snack Chopper is NOT for hacking bones, frozen foods or tree limbs. This will ruin the cutting edge quickly and void the warranty.

Only one prototype knife in stock. The knife shown is the knife you will receive.

Steel: 1.2842 O2 Carbon Tool Steel, HRC 60-61
Overall: 245mm
Blade: 140mm
Blade Height: 75mm
Blade Thickness: 2.00mm Grip Thickness: 17mm
Weight: 220 grams very light weight

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