Covid-19 READ ME!

UPDATED: 30th May, 2020. 

DHL and German Post no longer accept Warenpost shipments going to the USA and Australia. This is how I have been shipping most orders for €15 flat rate.

It's only possible to ship goods to the USA using DHL Premium with a surcharge. Shipping to the USA is now €35 for up to 2 Kilos. Please note that it may take 6+ weeks to receive your order! Do not order if you are not OK with this!!

Canada: DHL says that all packages, including Premium Paket deliveries will go on a ship. As in boat. As in, God knows how long this will take.

A number of other countries also face substantial restrictions on when and where packages can be delivered. France and Italy have possible delays. Many other countries are also cut off from service but most of these are countries into which I did not ship anyway. Still, please go to the German Post website and read their notification and see if it will be possible for you to receive a package from me. If not, PLEASE do not place the order. I will just end up cancelling it anyway. 

Please email me before placing the order if you are unsure.

Here is a link to the English language German Post notice: Scroll down to the section titled: Are there any restrictions to international mail and parcel services? See if your country is listed and what restrictions may apply. 

Shipping Times 

I have arranged with DHL for them to now make pick ups in my workshop. Normally this means orders go out once or twice a week, depending on how many orders I have.

Shipments Inside Germany  and the EU

The only halfway good news here is that, so far, shipments and deliveries inside Germany and the EU, with the exceptions shown, are pretty much normal. There may be a few short delays here and there but nothing serious.