• Image of WilkinsBLADE New Pattern D2 Flatgrind
  • Image of WilkinsBLADE New Pattern D2 Flatgrind

Hand flat ground from 1.2379 (D2) German tool steel at HRC 60-61 – actually the grind is more convex, but anyway... This is a new design without the recurve and broader toward the tip. Acid washed grey finish. Note: While this steel does not rust as easily as most high carbon tool steels, D2 is NOT stainless and care must be used to prevent rust or discoloration. Don't put it away wet!

This blade fits any Large Griptilian® Folders, doesn't matter if the knife is equiped with factory standard grips, my WilkinsGRIP products or other 3rd party grips! The blade pictured here is the one you will receive. Includes signed card!

Read This!: Any photos where the blades are shown installed are only to illustrate how the blades may look installed by you the Buyer on your knife. The Griptilian® knife is NOT included!

Price shown is net, EU Buyers will be charged 19% German VAT at checkout! Non-EU Buyers pay only the net price as shown.

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